Siphanta striata Fletcher


Many of the insects depicted on these pages are outwardly similar and you should not use photographs as the sole means of identification. These pages form part of a scientific key which will assist a trained entomologist to identify the species accurately.

(Flatidae: Flatinae: Siphantini)

This species is similar in appearance to the equally brightly coloured
S. luteolineata from North Queensland in the evenly concave, smooth vertex and the paucity of crossveins in the sutural cell of the clavus. However, the colouration of the crossveins in the tegmen differs distinctively. In S. striata they are coloured the same as the general tegmen background thereby highlighting the coloured longitudinal veins and giving the tegmen a striped appearance. In S. luteolineata the crossveins are coloured the same as the longitudinal veins and the tegmen therefore lacks a striped appearance. The two species also differ in the structures of the male genitalia and in distribution.

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