Subfamily Idiocerinae

Mango leafhoppers


Many of the insects depicted on these pages are outwardly similar and you should not use photographs as the sole means of identification. These pages form part of a scientific key which will assist a trained entomologist to identify the species accurately.

Common Name: Mango Leafhoppers

Subfamily: Idiocerinae

Two species of Idioscopus are now known to occur in Australia - Idioscopus nitidulus (Walker 1870) and I. clypealis (Lethierry 1889). The large eyes and broad appendix on the tegmen are typical of  leafhoppers in the subfamily Idiocerinae, the Australian fauna of which was revised by Webb (1983). The two species can be distinguished by the general colouration although identification to species requires confirmation by examination of the structures of the male genitalia by a trained taxonomist.

A third species of mango leafhoppers, Amritodus atkinsoni (Lethierry 1889) remains as a biosecurity threat to Australia.

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*Amritodus atkinsoni (Lethierry)
Idioscopus nitidulus (Walker) Press for further information
Idioscopus clypealis (Lethierry) Press for further information