Cofana spectra (Distant)


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Cofana spectra (Distant 1908)

Common Name: White Leafhopper

Subfamily/Tribe: Cicadelliinae: Cicadellini

Distribution: Widely distributed  in the tropics from Africa, the Oriental region and the Pacific and recorded from Queensland, the Northern Territory and Lord Howe Island

Economic Status: Recorded on a number of economic grass species overseas including rice, barley, wheat, sugarcane and sorghum although few reports indicate that any significant damage was caused to those hosts (Young 1979).
The Cicadellinae, which includes the North American group known as sharpshooters, are potential vectors in Australia of xylem-resident diseases such as Pierce's Disease of Grapevines if the pathogen itself is ever accidentally introduced.

Notes: One of  three species of Cofana in Australia, the others being C. perkinsi (Kirkaldy) and C. unimaculata (Signoret)