Cicadulina bimaculata (Evans)


Many of the insects depicted on these pages are outwardly similar and you should not use photographs as the sole means of identification. These pages form part of a scientific key which will assist a trained entomologist to identify the species accurately.

Cicadulina bimaculata (Evans 1940

Common Name: the maize leafhopper

Subfamily/Tribe: Deltocephalinae: Macrostelini

Distribution: Eastern half of Qld, NE of NSW

Economic Status: It was described from lucerne by Evans (1940) but is probably a grass feeder as are its congeners. It is recorded as the vector of cereal chlorotic mottle rhabdovirus (Brunt et al. 1990) and the phytoplasma maize wallaby ear in Australia (Schindler 1942) and maize streak geminivirus overseas (Brunt et al. 1990).