Batracomorphus angustatus (Osborn)


Many of the insects depicted on these pages are outwardly similar and you should not use photographs as the sole means of identification. These pages form part of a scientific key which will assist a trained entomologist to identify the species accurately.

Batracomorphus angustatus (Osborn 1934)

Common Name: Large Green Jassid

Subfamily/Tribe: Iassinae: Iassini

Distribution: Qld, NSW, Vic, SA, WA, NZ, Borneo, Fiji, Indonesia (Java), New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Philippines, Ryukyu Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Sangeang Island, Timor

Economic Status: This species, well known in literature as Eurinoscopus punctatus, is reported to be a vector of the phytoplasma diseases tomato big bud and potato purple top wilt in Australia (Grylls 1979).

Notes: This is the most commonly encountered species of a genus that includes 188 species in Australia and neighbouring regions (Knight 1983), differentiated primarily through features of the male genitalia. Some of the species of Batracomorphus are brown, occasionally with spots, but most are very similar to B. angustatus in general appearance and examination of the male genitalia is the only reliable way of identifying the species.