Biosecurity threat, not present in Australia

Terthron albovittatum

White striped planthopper


Many of the insects depicted on these pages are outwardly similar and you should not use photographs as the sole means of identification. These pages form part of a scientific key which will assist a trained entomologist to identify the species accurately.

Terthron albovittatum (Matsumura, 1900)

Common Name: white-striped planthopper

Subfamily/Tribe: Delphacinae: Delphacini

Distribution: Terthron albovittatum is found in Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam (Bourgoin 2018).  It is absent from Australia.

Economic Status:  Terthron albovittatum feeds on species of Poaceae, with rice being the most economically important host plant (Wilson and Claridge 1991). It is a vector of Rice black-streaked dwarf virus and Rice stripe tenuivirus, neither of which are present in Australia (Plant Health Australia 2014).

Notes:  There are seven species of Terthron globally (Bourgoin 2018), with only Terthron anemonias present in Australia (Bellis & Donaldson 2015; Fletcher 2002+updates). There has been some confusion over the taxonomy of T. albovittatum, as historically it has been placed into four different genera besides Terthron (Wilson 2018). Terthron albovittatum can be either brachypterous (short winged) or macropterous (long winged), further confusing identifications.